Point of Sale Packages

TechLogic work with a broad range of Point of Sale (POS) software providers to ensure we have the perfect point of sale system solution for your business. Our comprehensive POS packages ensure we cover all bases to provide tailored POS solutions for your needs in any and all business industries.

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Here’s the top reasons why investing in a POS Package is worth the investment

Investing in a complete POS package eliminates the hassle of searching for individual hardware or software for your point of sale system. With TechLogic, you can find everything you need for POS and to optimise your business Efficiency.

Having one provider for your POS parts streamlines the support system. That means there’s only one number to call when unexpected emergencies occur. Plus, TechLogic has the largest POS support infrastructure in New Zealand, so you’re sure to find a reliable local dealer in your area.

Buying or leasing from TechLogic ensures everything is top-notch quality and matches industry standards. We’ll ensure you’re always updated with the latest in POS hardware and software technology. For added convenience and value, TechLogic can configure your Point of Sale system package for only $90 (+GST) before dispatch. You’ll receive your system put together (without PC/tablet), and have your printer already set-up by our POS experts for an affordable price.

Lease your POS system with TechLogic and get installation included. We are here to help if you need some assistance