Found in over 25 Countries, more than 4000 Sites and has 26000 POS lanes installed Globally.

SwiftPOS is amazing and jam packed with every feature your business could possibly need. Want more than just a POS / Till Station? SwiftPOS is Designed for Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Tourism, MultiVenue establishments and Bars.


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SwiftPOS is designed to be simple yet powerful.

In a league of if own, it can be deployed in small single site establishments, or large multi-venue sites.

Unlike most Point of Sale systems, SwiftPOS is IP-based – which simply means is easy to connect printers, iPads, eftpos terminals, advertising screens, menuboards or more POS terminals to it.
SwiftPOS is also very advanced. You get a lot of functionality out of the box and additional functionality isn’t expensive. For example, if you wanted to you can run advertising screens and integrate EFTPOS without buying additional modules.


Security-centred, SwiftPOS is MS-SQL based, meaning it works through a mature, reliable and future-proof database structure – many do not.

Key Features

Txt and email marketing, integration with advanced Membership and loyalty management, integrated card printing, Powerful Voucher and Mix ‘n Match promos, Full inventory control, recipes and manufacturing, Stocktake and shelf labels Built-in Reservations and API ready for integration with others Stunning, detailed and informative Dashboards

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With over 23 years of experience as a POS Software Solutions Provider, SwiftPOS is world renowned for its total Point of Sale solution – and with an unrivalled integration ability through its API, SwiftPOS is extremely versatile. SwiftPOS has developed a total POS solution for businesses that span across the hospitality, retail and food industries.

SwiftPos is also affordable no matter what size your operation and offers incredible value. If your business is outgrowing you current POS or your starting a new business make sure you invest in the best. We’re thrilled that a product like SwiftPos is now available to our industry, it’s well overdue!