SwiftPOS Point of Sale Software - easy and simple

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SwiftPOS is easy to use and simple to operate. Enquire at TechLogic for a Demo today!

SwiftPOS Point of Sale Software - easy and simple

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SwiftPOS – Simply put it’s the next level in Point of Sale

SwiftPOS Back Office POS Management software is designed to manage single or multiple venues with a diverse range of security requirements for remote access.

Built on Microsoft SQL, SwiftPOS offers an incredible level of sophistication, usability and functionality you won’t believe. Fantastically easy to use and manage you will simply fall in love with this package. This POS System is a real breakthrough in Hospitality Point of Sale and is a must have tool for your business.

With over 23 years of experience as a POS Software Solutions Provider, SwiftPOS is world renowned for its total Point of Sale solution – and with an unrivalled integration ability through its API, SwiftPOS is extremely versatile. SwiftPOS has developed a total POS solution for businesses that span across the hospitality, retail and food industries. Over this time, SwiftPOS has installed over 20,000 POS terminals in over 3,500 businesses and venues globally.

SwiftPos is also affordable no matter what size your operation and offers incredible value. If your business is outgrowing you current POS or your starting a new business make sure you invest in the best. We’re thrilled that a product like SwiftPos is now available to our industry, it’s well overdue!