The modern business world is ever-evolving, but not to worry – TechLogic is here to provide businesses with only the best in cutting-edge communication technologies. Our VOIP telephony, networking and Wi-Fi services are the best in the industry, helping you and your team stay connected whenever and wherever your business takes you.

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VOIP Telephony

Traditional phones are now a thing of the past. Modern-day businesses require telecommunication solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, multi-functional, and most of all, upgradable. Expanding your business is now easier than ever. No more worrying about having to get new phone lines installed – simply take your cordless VOIP phones to the next step of your journey.

VOIP telephony
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Fast, reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi helps ensure that all your wireless devices are always connected. TechLogic supplies the best Wi-Fi routers in the market that optimise bandwidth usage, such as the Draytvek 2790 and the Draytek 2130. The Unifi Aps UAP1 Wi-Fi Access point is another option that provides fantastic wireless coverage, rock solid connections, and straightforward network management controls.

TechLogic offers a complete configuration package for all your networking solutions from just $95+GST. Lease our range of VOIP phones, modems, or Wi-Fi routers today and enjoy free installation today!